Astrology is a science that deals with the observation and study of celestial bodies and their relationship and influence on our lives. 

This analysis that astrologers perfom reveals important characteristics of people considering the place and date of birth. 

In this section you will find basic information about the closest Planets to Earth of wich we receive influence, Zodiac Signs and the Elements. Also there is information about Moon Phases and his connection with magic.

In the Tarot we find information that may relate to Astrology and thus make a more complete interpretation of the cards. 

In this section I offer too the Tarot Horoscope, wich is a Annual and Mensual forecast for each Zodiac sign. Consult it for free here! 

Also, in the section Avalaible Reads I offer the Astrological Tarot Consultation in relating Astrological Houses with Tarot to give you an overview of your life.






Photography: Nasa





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