Equinox is a word derived from the Latin Aequinoctium meaning "equal night" because it is used to define the time of year when day and night are of equal length

The equinox occurs when The Sun is located in the plane of the Earth Ecuador. 

There are two times during the year in which the Equinox is produced at the beginning of spring and at the begining of autumn.

Vernal Equinox

  • In the northern hemisphere occurs between 20 and 21 March.

  • In the southern hemisphere occurs between 22 and 23 September.

The time that the Sun is above the horizon is going to rise nearly 3 minutes each day until the arrival of summer. From Summer Solstice day will begin to shorten.

At this time, The Sun increases its activity so it is not surprising that more spots, flares and solar prominences occur. Solar cycles last about 11 years. The cycle in which we are now started in December 2008 and will reach its peak in the month of April 2014. This means that during the Spring of 2014, the Sun will experience a great activity that will decrease from April 2014 until the end of the Solar Cycle.

In these periods when the solar cycle is at its peak, on Planet Earth we experience, among other phenomena, changes in radio wave propagation and more frequent auroras.



The Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox is the time of celebration of the Feast of Ostara dedicated to the goddess of fertility Eostre. The earth becomes fertile and all beings that inhabit it awaken after winter dormancy. 

It is also the time that coincides with the zero degree of the zodiac, from which restarts the cycle with Annual Astrological sign of Aries

These dates change, both Solstices and Equinoxes are important moments in our energy calendar, beyond dates and festivities that have been imposed are turning moments of renewal and rebirth. We can use them to make changes, to start new projects with the freshness of new beginnings.


7 things we can do to celebrate the beginning of Spring  

  • The Spring Equinox is a great time to clean up, yes, a good cleaning our house, giving away or throwing everything that no longer do we need so that we can get new stuff we need. We can use to sort our belongings (clothes, documents...) and to do a general cleaning around the home including doors, windows... After physical cleaning we will make a clean energy with Palo Santo.

  • After the cleaning of the house , we can take a rosemary bath to purify of those old energies and thus begin this Spring lightweight luggage and eager to start a new cycle.

  • It is the best time of year to plan a new personal or professional project, but you have to learn to harness the cycles of the moon for the start of new activities. If in doubt, a Tarot Consultation can help you in your new paths.

  • We can also do any activity that has to do with the celebration of the fertility of Mother Earth, for example, planting seeds of flowers and plants that we like. We will have to cater to the specific timing of each kind and respecting lunar cycles, but this dates are conducive to this type of gardening activities and help us connect with the Earth.

  • Decorating the house with flowers and plants. Now that we have our home as neat and clean some flowers are the perfect adornment.

  • At the start of the good weather we all have more desire to go for a walk, see the buds and flowers are popping up everywhere, enjoying nature resurfaces with this profusion of colors and aromas.

  • In the kitchen we can prepare dishes with seeds and sprouts, which are always a healthy ingredient, and now even serve to gradually replace fat meals of winter with others more light and nutrients.



Autumnal Equinox

  • In the northern hemisphere occurs between 22 and 23 September.

  • In the southern hemisphere occurs between 20 and 21 March

The Autumnal Equinox marks the time when day and night match again in terms of duration, shortening the day will continue until the Winter. From the Winter Solstice the day will lengthen.

The Autumn Equinox is the time of celebration of the Feast of Mabon, honoring the God of the Vines called Mabon, who is thanked for the harvest received and asked for the next year's crop is also thriving.

It is also the time that coincides with the beginning of the sign of Libra.

Traditionally, these dates marked the last days of the harvest and the end of the hard work in the field. Started the time to prepare for a more reflective and obtain the fruits that were planted in the spring.

These fruits can also be the result of the projects we have started this year, changes that have taken place...



What els can we do to celebrate the beginning of Autumn? 

We can do anything that has to do with the harvest celebration and gratitude for gifts received: 

  • Collecting wild fruits and plants that we use for winter magic. 

  • Making a special meditation in which we give thanks for everything received throughout the year and prepare our spirit for this new stage.. 

  • In the kitchen we can prepare some tinned food with summer fruits leftover us and we can enjoy during the winter (tomatoes, eggplant...) 


Remember to give thanks and to make a request you can also use candles requests. You can learn how to make candles requests in this article. 



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