Solstice is a word derived from the Latin Solstitium meaning "sun standing still" as it is used to define the time of year when the sun reaches its height more or less apparent in heaven.

The solstice is caused by the tilt of Earth's axis in the plane of its orbit. Upon steeper, the sun reaches the highest declination North or South on terrestrial Ecuador. 

There are two times during the year in which the Solstice occurs at the beginning of winter and early summer.


Winter Solstice

  • In the northern hemisphere occurs between 20 and December 23.

  • In the southern hemisphere occurs between 20 and 23 June.

The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year and from then on, the days begin to lengthen.

In the energy level, It is a time of personal renewal, a time to plan new beginnings.

The Winter Solstice goes by many names depending on the country and culture, Yule is one of the best known names, an Indo-European term to refer to these days of family celebration .

Past, and even today in certain rituals and traditions celebrate a few days festivities dedicated to the Sun, the male God , invoking it to return .

Traditionally houses were adorned with ivy, holly and mistletoe adorned for bringing good luck and protection. The Celts picked up a log and adorned with pine cones, ivy, moss, red and green ornaments, then burn it during this longest night. Later, his ashes were kept to fertilize the fields and also for healing since It was considered with healing properties. Also, They kept a lump of coal the light the trunk in the following year.



Summer Solstice

  • In the northern hemisphere occurs between 20 and 23 June

  • In the southern hemisphere occurs between 20 and December 23

The Summer Solstice marks the shortest night of the year and from then on, the days shorten again. The Sun is at its peak and shines with its greatest intensity. 

It is a day of great intensity at the energy level of connection to the source of life and collecting seed sown on a personal level. 

It is the day of the Goddess that is brewing, It is the waiting for a new life, the moment that you begin to reap the first fruits of the harvest and start to accumulate provisions. 

The Summer Solstice is also known as Litha and is said that plants germinate or bloom in this day have more healing powers and that is why we recommend you to collect them tonight. It is also a very old tradition bonfires as a symbol of purification and protection.

It is also an especially magical day to request a Tarot consultation.



What can I do to make this day special?

This are to key date on the calendar that is important to consider and these days can perform some simple act or ceremony thtat brings us closer to nature and ourselves: 

  • Taking stock of the year and think about what we have achieved and what not. 

  • Projecting new dreams and plan what we want for the new year. To learn more about what your future holds a Tarot Consultation can help you now.

  • Give thanks to the elements of nature and all living beings who have joined us on this trip. 

  • To thank our guides and all spiritual beings of light that help us. 

So we can make a small offering, burn special incense, add a nice candle dedicated to any person, entity, god, etc.. we want to honor. 

It's better to prepare a simple thanksgiving ceremony with all one's heart that follow the verbatim instructions for a complicated ritual that do not transmit anything special.


I wish you a Happy Solstice and I encourage you to make this day a special time to enjoy it in good company!




Solstice Dawn (Creative Commons - Tarotastic)

Winter Solstice (Creative Commons - Alice PopKorn)





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