Crescent Moon


As we will checking in this series on the Moon Phases , the influence of the Moon is very important in many different aspects of life on planet Earth .

The Moon affects all living beings and the human can feel his influence and leverage to their advantage.

The Crescent Moon is the period between the New Moon and Full Moon.
  • Overall, is the most suitable time for fertility, to improve health and to make new projects and everything that has to do with the beginning of new things. The energy is rising and outward, is a phase of regeneration and that we can use to store energy.
  • In health, the Crescent Moon is favorable for anything that serves to rebuild and strengthen our body:
    • We have to keep in mind that It is a storage phase, and this are days that we tend to put on weight, so we have to be more cautious if we are doing a diet.
    • On the contrary, if we need to recover in deficiency states or convalescence this will be days that we assimilate food to much better.
  • With our self-care is interesting to know that: 
    • If we cut our hair in this phase It will grow faster and so can look over soon, plus our hair will be easier to style.
    • In contrast, this are inauspicious days for depilation because the hair will grow faster. 
    • If We want to make a permanent, in this stage the hair will be much better and will last longer, but the hair will be more damaged by the effects of this treatment. 
    • It is also considered to be a good time to dye your hair
    • The nutrition of the skin is more effective at this time for dry or mixed skins in the implementation of nutritious and hydrating masks. 
  • In the garden this dates are the best for planting new herbs and flowers as they will have greater vitality in its growth.
    At an emotional level , it is a period in which we open ourselves to society , he felt more interest in listening and learning . Meet new people.
  • At an emotional level, It is a period in which we open ourselves to society, We feel more interest in listening and learning. Meet new people, etc. 
  • All favorable aspects in this period can be reinforced with requests you can do with candles. Review Magic use of Candles article to learn more.

If you want to know if the Moon is growing remember this saying "The Moon is a liar" so if it appears as a backwards C is that it is at its Crescent phase.






Photo: Tour Eiffel et Croissant. Author: Franciscojgongalez - Creative Commons





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