Full Moon


The influence of The Moon on the Earth and its inhabitants is very powerful. The Full Moon phase is when we noticed the more energy force.

  • We can use this energy for us, celebrating its intensity light. It is the best time to introduce new projects that we have worked for a long time, open a business, share a good idea with our partners ... On this day arrives what we need.
  • The energy of the Full Moon and its influence can also overwhelm us if we are not prepared to receive it. If we feel more nervous is better to perform activities that we like and do not affect us. It is good to observe these changes and the impact they have on us , whether we are aware of the influence of the moon we can learn to better channel this energy source and leverage in our favor.
  • This day is especially suitable for magic, spiritual ceremonies and festivals dedicated to The Moon and will help us to enhance our feminine side, and serve us our intuition to recognize the unconscious forces that act on us.
  • All favorable aspects in this period can be reinforced with requests you can do with candles. Review Magic use of Candles article to learn more.

The days near the full moon should be avoided any surgical operation as far as possible.

The full moon night promotes wakefulness, so it is not surprising if we have difficulty falling asleep or have insomnia more sporadically . If we sleep, the dreams we have in this lunar phase will be more intense and enlightening. It is interesting that we pay more attention to them and prepare to record the messages that we receive this night.

The effects of the full moon can be noticed for two or three days.





Photography: Creative Commons - Author: Sarub





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