New Moon


The New Moon governs a period of rest, it is above all a moment of connection with the unconscious world and other dimensions.

  • On a general level, it is a good time for us to think about good intentions of change, but it is not so much good to start new projects, sign contracts, etc.. The New Moon will not print them with the energy that these activities need.
  • On an emotional level it can be said that it is a phase of self-observation, to learn about ourselves.
  • On a health level The New Moon is an optimal date for:
    • Start a detox.
    • Eliminate bad habits, vices, addictions.
    • It is the perfect time to "start over". If we decide to make a change the New Moon will help us and we can start this new stage of our life more easily and naturally.

If you want to do a monthly fast day or a fruit juice cure taht lasts less than a week, choose this day and thus the eliminating of toxic will be maximized. Cures and fasts lasting more than a week are more indicated to be started on Waning Moon.

  • As for gardening and agriculture the days surrounding the New Moon and beyond are not good for sowing, planting or harvesting. 

As far as possible avoid the surgeries that are not emergency in New Moon day or three days before the Neww Moon.


  • All favorable aspects in this period can be reinforced with requests you can do with candles. Review Magic use of Candles article to learn more.



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