Waning Moon


This is the phase that The Moon goes from Full to New.

  • In a general levelThis is a good time to rewind, delete and remove:

    • We can use these days to clean up and get rid of all that we do not need.

    • It is the best time to peacefully end a relationship or break a business.

    • It is the optimal stage to close pending cycles.

    • In contrast, are not appropriate to start new projects or do anything new at this stage because the energy is low and the projects can not materialize correctly .

    • On an emotional level, we are able to release ourselves from negative past experiences. It is also interesting to internalize what we learned in the previous phase and dedicate ourselves on activities that help us in our spiritual evolution, such as meditation.

  • In aspects of health is the best time to:

    • Remove warts.

    • Start a slimming or a detoxification.

    • Any activity that has to do with the purification of our body. 

fasting cure that lasts more than a week sould be starting on Waning Moon, if fasting is for a day or for less than a week will take place or will begin in New Moon

  • As for our personal care:

    • To cut hair at this time is very good if we need to grow stronger and more alive, but It grows more slowly

    • It is a period set to do a permanent wave and to have the least possible damage in the hair.

    • If you have thought of a waxing these date are timely for hair grow slower.

    • In skin care, It is a good time to treat oily skin with nourishing masks and hydrants creams because pore dilation is avoided. The skin will be smoother and firmer .

    • Manicure for brittle fingernails will be much more effective these days because it strengthened. Removal of corns and calluses is also more effective in Waning Moon.

    • It is a particularly suitable moment for the Rosemary Bath explained in this article.

  • In gardeningWaning Moon is the period specially suitable for cutting herbs and flowers that we need, because as more we approach the New Moon plants we cut will have a greater tendency to dry and medicinal properties will be preserved much better. 

  • All favorable aspects in this period can be reinforced with requests you can do with candles. Review Magic use of Candles article to learn more.

Waning Moon Phases


When we say The Moon is Last Quarter is located right in the middle of the Waning Moon cycle. It is easy to know if It is waning or waxing moon. There is a popular saying that the Moon is a liar : When It is describing a C of "Crescent" is that It is Waning.





Fhoto: Creative Commons - Author: alma_81




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