Represents human nature at its most positive and outgoing side. It symbolizes the triumph and success, action and generosity. It is also vanity, personal identity, leadership and control.

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The Moon represents intuition, emotions and instincts. It is feminine, receptive and passive. It also relates to the birth, motherhood, food. Influences personality and the environment.

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Mercury is associated with intelligence, logical and analytical thinking. Education, awareness and intellectual energy. When becomes genius in humans leads us to the best solutions.

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Venus symbolizes beauty and the feminine side of all things. Represents the softness, sweet and delicate, balance and harmony. His most negative aspect is associated with opportunism.

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Mars gives us his great ability to create, strength, initiative and activity. Represents aggression, destruction and war, but also the heroism and humanitarian delivery.

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Jupiter is associated with religion, philosophy, and all higher knowledge. Represents the expansion of consciousness through growth obtained by learning. It is associated with good luck and long trips. Stimulates optimism but conceit.

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Saturn represents stability and security. It is the method and manner, routine and sobriety. But it also shows the limitations and disappointments.

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Uranus brings us originality and intellectual creativity. Rapid, unexpected and unpredictable changes are associated with this planet. In his negative side represents anarchy.

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Neptune is associated with spirituality, idealism and the highest aspirations of mankind. Also It is associated with the music and the dance. On the negative side corresponds to the disappointment, self-deception, addictions ...

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Pluto symbolizes the subconscious and transformation. In its positive aspect It urges to know ourselves deeper to start over. On the negative side we resist to the transformation and we do not change when we need it.

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