Candles are used since ancient times to make requests. When we light a candle we are attracting energies and these energies can be channeled into what we need. To request something you have to be honest with yourself and the universe.

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The Lemnis or Lemniscata symbol also known as infinity symbol hides a great mystery. This symbol is used in astronomy, mathematics and philosophy.

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En este artículo os quiero hablar del excepcional uso que le damos a la madera de Palo Santo para la limpieza energética de lugares y de personas. Cada vez nos estamos haciendo más conscientes de las energías que nos rodean ...

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Obsidian is a stone of magmatic and volcanic origin. From the Paleolithic era Obsidian was very important for the manufacture of tools and weapons.

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Amethyst is one of my favorite stones. It is one of the most prized varieties of quartz for its beauty and properties. It is usually purple though he find in shades ranging from purple to lavender. 

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The days of the week correspond with divine energies of the deities that bear his name, taking into account the most auspicious days for each activity can enhance what we need at any time.

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