Palo Santo, the sacred wood


In this article I want to talk about the fantastic use we give to the Palo Santo wood for energetical cleaning of places and people. 

Every time we are making us more aware of the energies around us and very often we notice more stuffy rooms, people give us strange energies that leave us tired and headache ... 


If in addition we are dedicated to making therapy or consultation in which the energy exchange is very present, then it is essential to perform a cleaning at the end of a session.


The Palo Santo comes from the wood tree of the same name which can be found in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Brazilian Mato Grosso. The one I use normally comes from Peru and is of high quality.

Palo Santo sticks


This wood is collected from the trees when they have fallen from 3-4 years (ie, the trees are not cut down to get it). During that time, the timber starts a process of decomposition and produce a resin that is what gives it its mystical properties occurs

It has been used since ancient times by shamans from different tribes for ritual purification and healing. 


How to use

Its usage is something special and that confuses some people who are used to incense. The Palo Santo turns to make a good grilled and then turns off. The coal produces smoke for a while. When the grill is turned off, you must turn it back on if we want to produce more smoke.

We light the Palo Santo


Palo Santo turns to make a good grilled


Palo Santo produces smoke for a while


The Palo Santo burning cleaner places so much and also our own energy if we had around the aura

It is also very useful when we want to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and meditation



It is marketed in the form of sticks cut in various sizes. With the essence of Palo Santo are also manufactured incense, soaps, extracts and oils with healing properties in addition to cleansing are also manufactured.






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