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In this article I will teach you a new form of energetical cleaning for your own body that you can easily make at home. This is a Rosemary Bath to cleanse negative energies.


Dense energies or negative energies

I already commented on the dense energies and negative energies in my article on how to use Palo Santo to energetical cleaning, but I would like to explain a little more about this topic.

Daily, we attract dense energies of others with whom we interact or places such as the office where we work, the supermarket, the subway or the bus, lift, etc. This accumulation of energy can have different origins, but especially consists of thoughts and emotions of people who've been there. The energies get stuck and if we not vented nor clean the energy of that place,  it is accumulate more and more dense energy, of low vibration.

Opposites thus attract, so if you are happy and, for instance, you walk in a room where they have previously been one people arguing or fighting, it is possible that some of those energies go towards you and from that moment you also feel angry, aggressive, headache, etc.

Your own thoughts and emotions also generate negative energy that may be blocking a greater or lesser extent, your main chakras.

If you want to know more about your energy system, the Chakras Tarot Reading can help you, try it here!


Personal Energetic Cleaning 

Just as you shower, brush your teeth or comb your hair, you also need to perform an energetical cleaning of your body. This cleaning will improve our energy body and of course the physical body wich is a reflection of the energy body.

Energetical Cleaning is especially necessary if you deal with people who have dense energy, either because you are a therapist who performs massage treatments, Reiki, reflexology, and if you work with the public: in offices, in a supermarket, in a cafe.

One way to make this personal energetical cleaning is doing the Rosemary Bath that I explain to you in this article.


What do I need for my Rosemary Bath?

For the Rosemary Bath you will need:

  • Half kilo of sea salt (or even one kilo, depending on how big is your bathtub).
  • Fresh rosemary that you same will catch in a forest or in a mountain nearby (if you catch some plant or flower reminds thank them before cutting).
  • A bathtub.
  • A plastic bag.


How do I make the Rosemary Bath?

Start preparing the bath with hot water and salt.

With the fresh rosemary, do a small bouquet tied with a rope that is made ​​from a natural material. Watch it is firmly tied to not ruin in the middle of the bath. Now put the bouquet of rosemary in the bathtub and when the bathtub is full we can start our bath.

Furthermore, if we illuminate the room with a couple of candles to make the bathroom nice and close the light we can create a better environment to relax of our everyday activity.

We will be relaxing for at least 20-25 minutes and when we are ready we can start to clean our body with Rosemary. We take the bouquet of Rosemary and let gently passing through the body from head to feet.

We have to emphasize as we go through each Chakra and we can do a more thorough cleaning of each chakra if we ask Rosemary for help, I use words similar to these, but you can use the sentences you need in each:

First, I thank the Rosemary that I have in my hands for cleaning me of negative energies.

7th Chakra: Rosemary, thanks to attract the spiritual energy to my being.

6th Chakra: Rosemary, please remove my negative thoughts and ideas. Rosemary, help me to attract thoughts of love and happiness.

5th Chakra: Rosemary, thanks for helping me to keep quiet when I have to shut up, please help me to talk when I have to talk.

4th Chakra: Rosemary, please remove my negative feelings. Rosemary, help me to attract to my being unconditional love.

3rd Chakra: Rosemary, please remove my negative emotions. Rosemary, help me to assimilate emotions in my life.

2nd Chakra: Rosemary, please remove my dependencies and addictions. Rosemary, help me to attract to my life creative energy.

1st Chakra: Rosemary, thanks for helping me to connect with Mother Earth.


Once you have cleaned the head, trunk, arms and hands, go down with Rosemary towards the legs and feet, with the intention of removing any remaining negative energies.

When we have already completed the Rosemary Bath is important not to stay in the bath longer, empty the bathtub and take a quick shower.

To finish, we left the bathtub and with the plastic bag we take the bouquet of rosemary and throw it to garbage immediately. It is important not to touch with your hands directly. Ideally, it will be to burn it but if we don't have a fireplace or something like this, it can be a complicated and unreliable process.

Keep in mind that people with blood pressure problems, heart disease, circulatory problems...can not safely perform this bath as it is done with hot water, so it is better to opt for another type of energetical leaning, such as, energical cleaning with Palo Santo.


How I feel after my Rosemary Bath?

After taking the Rosemary Bath, if we have following the appropriate instructions, you will feel much lighter and happier. We have released from dense energies, negative energies that if they stayed much longer in our body they would littering (us and our environment) in addition to cause us physical illnesses.


I hope you enjoy your energetical cleaning

and I wish you health!




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