Magical use of Candles


Candles are used since ancient times to make requests. When we light a candle we are attracting energies and these energies can be channeled into what we need.


But we must be careful in our petitions: To request something you have to be honest with yourself and the universe. Request something that I have in excess is absurd and unnecessary, but perhaps the universe will ship to us to see how it goes with our request. Request a negative for others is not advisable to implement. 

Also keep in mind that the feeling of being short of something does not benefit us at all. According to the rule that says that we attract what we think, if we feel that we are missing something, we may end up attracting more lack thereof. 

However, if our thinking is positive and abundance, promptly we can request a "little help" to improve our situation. The important thing is to ask for things from the heart and honestly, looking for our own good but also for the common good.


How to perform a ritual with candles?


There are several aspects to consider when we are performing a ritual with candles.

  • The candles represent the Fire Element that corresponds to the South cardinal point. Therefore, in our ceremony request we have to try to locate the candle at this cardinal point.

  • You have to choose a time and a place where you will not be interrupted.

  • Once prepared the candle and before lighting, we will relax and we will make a moment of meditation to calm ourselves.

  • We will make our request aloud, always with a positive character and gratitude. Then we can see for a few minutes what our life is once the request made has already been fulfilled. This display will be as vivid and detailed as we can.

  • To end the ceremony give thanks and return to your daily activities.

  • The candle should not put out, we have to let it burn until the end, so make sure that we properly positioned so that there is no fire risk if it is left on at night.


The candlelight ritual can be repeated in a specific day of the week for several weeks or do it for several days by starting on the day of the week that is more favorable to our request.


What color should I use to sail my request?


The colors contain a very important symbolism in our magical role. You should always check what color is most interesting in each case and not improvise. 


White candle: white candle conveys calm and harmony. Cleans and purifies negative energies.

Yellow candle: help us to improve communication at all levels.

Gold candle: this color is used to attract good fortune and success in general. It is a color that attracts luck. We can also use it for health and to honor The Sun.

Silver candle: attracts positive and neutralizes the negative influences. Protection. For the invocation to The Moon.

Black candle: in white magic it is used for cleansing negative energies and entities and to dissolve any negativity. Protective.

Gray candle: used to neutralize negative energies.

Candle Light Blue: is related to feelings of love and positive emotions. Attract peace and harmony. Also used for protection during sleep.

Dark blue candle: the dark blue is used to bless the unions both personal and commercial.

Brown candle: this color promotes friendship and protection of our families and pets. It also serves to find lost objects. If we want to consolidate our plans and help in the economic desires.

Dark green candle : brings financial security, prosperity, fertility and abundance. A candle of this color would be the best to get a job. If you combine it with gold and silver you can attract financial gains. It is a candle for the beginning of all type and also is used in love to counteract jealousy.

Light Green candle: This candle color is used to make requests regarding the meteorological time.

Orange candle: Orange is a color that attracts positive energies. It also brings us creativity and helps us to achieve a greater focus on our business.

Red candle: The red color represents love and passion. It is an aphrodisiac candle and also gives us courage and bravery to act.

Pink candle: Pink candles are used for requests relating to love and especially for reconciliation. It can be used to enhance self-esteem and physical wellbeing.

Purple Candle: A purple candle favors meditation, interaction with all the spiritual thinghs and psychic perception.


Also an overview of the colors is included in the general section on the Major Arcana, you can check it to complement this information.



Which is the most favorable time for my request?


Review the Article Magic to each day of the week to find out which days are best for each request.

Also keep in mind the phase of The Moon, because even without being aware of it, we get its energy and you can refer it to your favor. In Moon Phases section you can find the different characteristics of each lunar phase that will help you to understand when it is more suitable for making a request or another.

Another important aspect is the time of day in which we light the candle. As I indicated before, it is important to find a time of day when we are calm and we will not be interrupted but if we can also consider the time of day most suitable to perform the ceremony can enhance the effects of the application and make it more effective.

  • Sunrise: is ideal for request about the start on things, love, work, recovery from illness, recover from a failed love time.

  • Midi: the moment of maximum power of the Sun, gives us vigor, health and strength and give you an extra boost to your request.

  • Sunset: this is a moment of awareness and helps us to recognize our most hidden truths, our unconscious.

  • Midnight: is the most suitable to get rid of something that bothers us, attitudes or bab habits, addictions..



Examples for creating a ritual with candles


Each of the aspects that we consider here are cumulative. Now let's see some examples and so we can learn to make our own ritual request when needed:


Ask for help to quit smoking:

As far as possible try to make a request in Waning Moon wichs is the best to leave behind things that we do not need, addictions.

The ceremony request will be performed near Midnight by what we have seen in the previous section.

And we will use a white candle because their energy will help us to purify us and bring the calm we need to face the days when we feel the urge to smoke.

You could do it on Monday because of his relationship with new beginnings as we want to beat a stage and start a new phase.


After performing this ritual does not mean that you no longer feel the urge to smoke even you have to do your part but if you have make the request from your heart and with the courage necessary you will receive aid that will give you strength to go on in your purpose.


Request help finding a job:

In this case the Crescent Moon is the most suitable for our purposes because its energy is more appropriate to undertake new tasks, projects, etc.

The sunrise is the most suitable time of day because it symbolizes the beginning of the new things we want to attract to our lives.

The most appropriate color candle to find a job is the color Dark Green, it brings us prosperity, financial security and ultimately all aspects we hope to find getting a job we need.

The right day to request to find a job with a candle ritual would be Saturday.

After performing the ritual we must continue our search efforts, obviously. But if we pray with love and positivity we may find open doors that had been closed so far.

Remember that a petition should always be done from the heart and with all our love. If the universe dont sends us what we expect it may be because iit s something that it is not advisable for us now althought we can not understand it now.





Church candles - Author: Karen O'D (Creative Commons)

Candles shop - Autor: _rockinfree (Creative Commons)

Three candles - Author: Peter Becker (Creative Commons)






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