Magic to each day of the week


The days of the week correspond with divine energies of the deities that bear his name, taking into account the most auspicious days for each activity can enhance what we need at any time. We can also make a request with candles on the day that is most appropriate, see here to find out how to use candles to make requests.



  • Monday: is the day dedicated to The Moon, our traveling companion, represents feminine power and is related to the beginning, to psychic abilities and mysticism.


  • Tuesday: Tyr's day (Norse god of war and justice). It is a day of courage and strength. It is also dedicated to Mars, in Roman mythology is the god of war.


  • Wednesday: Day of Woden (Odin, Norse god of wisdom and inspiration) and dedicated to the god Mercury, messenger of the gods. It's the best day for communication, learning, to write and to create.


  • Thursday: Day of Thor (Norse god of chaos and protector god of thunder) is also the day of Jupiter (the god of thunder pitcher Roman). All legal issues are specially useful in the treatment of this day and all the things related to wealth and luck.


  • Friday: day of the goddess Freyja, Norwegian goddess of beauty, love, passion and fertility. And also dedicated to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. This is the day when love, romance and beauty emerge more easily.


  • Saturday: This is the day of Saturn, the god of agriculture and harvest in Roman mythology. It is the most auspicious day for anything having to do with property, inheritance, travel and agriculture.


  • Sunday: Day of The Sun, giver of life star, revered by many civilizations. Day of divine power, healing and tranquility.



Photo: Creative Commons - Author: Xanetia




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