Amethyst is one of my favorite stones. It is one of the most prized varieties of quartz for its beauty and properties. It is usually purple though he find in shades ranging from purple to lavender. 

This type of quartz is in its natural state as geodes, druses, or large sizes reefs and mixed with other minerals.


Druse of Amethyst


It is marketed in these natural forms and shaped boulder, tips or sizes of jewelry.

Its name comes from amethystos Greek meaning "not drunk" as it was once said that one of his qualities was to counter the binge.



Its origin is also varied, amethysts are in East Africa  Brazil, Canada, America, Britain, India, Mexico, Russia, Siberia, Sri Lanka and certainly in some more places.



It is a stone of power and protection, with a very high spiritual vibration. Enhances spiritual awareness. Help in cases of insomnia and recurring nightmares. It is also very suitable for the grieving process because It helps to integrate the loss of loved ones. It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts that we can have. It balances the subtle bodies with the physical body. Clears the aura and especially encourages the 6th and 7th chakra.

It also has healing qualities, especially for cleansing the blood, relieve physical, emotional and psychological stresses, diseases of the respiratory system, skin ailments and digestive system. Reduces headaches and migraines. And it is also very suitable for the treatment of addictions.

The geodes are used to clean energy sites and blocking geopathies.


Experiences with Amethyst

Amethyst has a very special operation, if you put it on your forehead, first you will notice that calms your mind of thoughts, as if you perform a massage to your brain. Then you begin to notice as he is entering his whole powerful energy, awakening your intuition and vision of a very loving and relaxing way.


My Amethyst


If you sleep with an amethyst is very possible that your dreams increase and that they are revealing to you. Premonitory dreams or with messages that your unconscious sents to you to help. It also promotes astral travel. 


Cleaning and care

Like many gemstones, amethyst can be purified by placing it in a bowl with water and sea salt for 24 hours at least. The tips or small boulders can also be cleaned up a large druse of white quartz. 

It is very important not to put the amethyst to sunlight directly under any circumstances because it may change color, grabbing an orange tone. Subjected to high temperatures becomes citrine. 

If you want to charge it after cleaning let him touch the moonlight on a quiet night of full moon. You can also charge it with Reiki energy if you know how to channel it.







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