Moqui Stones


The Moqui Stones also called Shaman Stones, Stone Eagle, Aetita or Ethita are other Power stones that I want to introduce you. I was lucky enough to receive them as a gift from a friend, if this does not happen I do not think I would come to know them.

The name of the Moqui Stones comes from the Hopi Indians, bad-called Moqui by the conquerors of America. The Hopi Indians used this stones in their shamanic ceremonies to make contact with their ancestors and in healing ceremonies.

A couple of Moqui Stones



Moqui Stones come from the deserts of Utah in the USA, there are other similarly shaped stones called Boji Stones but originate in Kansas (Colorado - USA) and have a different composition.


Color and Composition

Moqui Stones have a dark brown color. They have sandstone silica therein and are covered by a layer of hematite, they have a round or oval shape and some roughness on its surface.



One of its most curious feature is that the Moqui Stones have their male and female. In stores sell them for couples because one of its functions is to balance. The rougher stone is the male and Moqui stone with smooth surface is female.

Properties are attributed balancing the body's energy, working unblocking chakras and meridians. Also reassure and encourage nighttime sleep. Another function is to reduce obsessions to work and reassure us, help us to better enjoy the company of others. Is said to have protective properties and promote the functioning of the immune system.

A level of spiritual development are particularly suitable for use in meditation and to be present.


Experiences in the use of Moqui Stones

They can be used in several ways:

Near the body to treat a specific area or chakra, as you would any other stone.

Another way to use my favorite is putting a rock in each hand after making a therapy to someone, after meditating or when we need to root , connect with the Earth. We take the stones and closed our hands, visualizing how energy is unload thought the stones.We are supposed to get the male stone in our right hand and the female stone on our left hand but I sometimes I get upside down and not change position.

How to use Moqui Stones

You can also take them with you, one in each pocket or take them to the mountain hiking (surely get very happy to be close to nature). Fail one day go to the woods or the like for meditation and practice with your Moqui Stones.

Finally, if what you need is to treat an imbalance of your male or female energy, carry the stone that represents the energy you feel lack of balancing.


Cleaning and care


How are Stones Moqui cleaned? Well interestingly the Moqui Stones do not require special cleaning as are self-cleaning. Usually a stone personal use but if you're going to give Commercial applying it to other people then yes I would suggest that at least wash them after each use.

The only caution with these stones have not let outdoors because if they have to withstand heavy rain and other adverse effects meterológicos be damaged.

While not requiring special care, our love and gratitude to them will be welcomed :)

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