Obsidian is a stone of magmatic and volcanic origin. From the Paleolithic era Obsidian was very important for the manufacture of tools and weapons. Currently It's used to manufacture objects for decoration, ritual and therapeutic work.

Mexican art with Obsidian



We can find obsidian in Mexico, some states of the USA and Japan. 

The production of items with obsidian has been especially important in Mexico. Their manufacturing techniques have been passed down through generations unchanged. 

In medicine began to be used in pre-Hispanic times. Obsidian was ground and applied to sores and wounds or as poultice in areas affected by rheumatism. It was also used as surgical instruments for performing perfect cuts that produced less bleeding and prevented infections. 




Their colors range from dark gray to black. And can also be found in clear, green, violet, red, pink or even colorless gray. But the most common are black or greenish.



His ferromagnetic content is why this stone is able to act at the level of the magnetic field of the human being . To affect the energy field is how you can help in the balance of the field and therefore in curing diseases.

Another important feature is that due to its low frequency can absorb low energy density (emotions such as anger , fear) and these energies are those that often result in disease. Furthermore, energy level emits ultraviolet frequency.

Thanks to this double polarity, obsidian absorb low density energies and can liberated to a higher level of understanding.



Current therapeutic application

It is very suitable stone for work in healing ourselves and others. Depending on his form is employed to work physical, energetic, emotional and mental aspects . We have to define very well the type of work we want to do to choose the form of obsidian indicated for each case.



Depending on the use you want to give, we'll find one of the following types of obsidian:

  • Ixtli: It is the polished Obsidian disc-shaped. This form is convenient to perform energetic cleansing of the chakras and physically to treat pain or inflammation in different parts of the body. 

  • Urantia: It is a sphere-shaped Obsidian. Used to work the old emotions that are pending to heal, especially concerning with childhood and our parents. 

  • Tezcatlipoca: Tezcatlipoca in Nahuatl means "smoking black mirror." This name is used to refer to Obsidian mirror, used to work and to help the balance of mental aspects.



Ixtli - Obsidian disc-shaped


Care and Maintenance

Obsidian is cleaning with water and coarse salt for at least 24 hours and then rinsed in tap water. 

To reload it is best to expose it to the light of a crescent moon

After washing will keep it wrapped in a red cloth to contain his energy. 

Like all stones use is very personal so if you go to use it in other people you must clean it and charge it before.





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