Lemnis, the symbol of infinity


The Lemnis or Lemniscata symbol also known as infinity symbol hides a great mystery.

Grafitti with the lemniscata symbol 


This symbol is used in astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. In mathematics was first used by John Wallis who apparently was inspired by the curved shape called Lemniscata

It is quite possible that this form comes from alchemical symbolism. The same double line two "esses" and another one that goes that low, closing a cycle. Beginning and ending endless. A link between the divine and the human. 

We can also see in him a figure 8 lying. In numerology, the Number 8 represents the equity, fairness and balance. 

The infinity symbol is also found in the Analema which is the curve described by the Sun in its motion. If we observe this movement every day of the year at the same time and from the same position can prove that is described a very similar way to Lemniscata.


Infinity symbol in Rider Waite Tarot

There are 3 Rider Waite Tarot cards that include this symbol: 

The Magician, crowned by an infinite, represents a being that has infinite tools to act. Also the position of the character in this card shows us the link between the divine and the human that symbolizes infinity.

Major Arcana I -  The Magician - Rider Waite Tarot


Strenght which in the Major Arcana of Tarot Rider Waite matches with the number 8, also has the infinity overhead and represents the full control of the instincts and passions.

Major Arcana VIII - Strenght - Rider Waite Tarot


The Two of Pentacles, illustrated by a character playing with 2 pentacles, like juggling, trying to reconcile and balance all the events that occur in our lives.

Minor Arcana - Two of Pentacles - Rider Waite Tarot





Photography graffiti: Creative Commons - Author: Troita_





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