The Number 1 symbolizes the start, the beginning of things. It represents the being, personal identity, leadership and above all the personal resources and the ability to use them.

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The Number 2 symbolizes receptivity and feelings. Represents the altruism and the idealism. It helps us to feel conscious of our own resources.

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The Number 3 speaks of activity, skill and ability. Energy, initiative and creativity are other important aspects to this issue.

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The Number 4 symbolizes the logical and practical thinking. It is all the concrete, stable and material.

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The Number 5 is the sum of individual identity with the material world. The expansion of the human being who uses his knowledge with flexibility and grace.

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The Number 6 represents creativity at its highest level and the applying at the material world of feelings and mind. This union of elements brings an extremely creative intelligence. 

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The Number 7 reminds us that the material world has its limitations. It is the number that symbolizes all the material ideas: seven colors, seven notes, seven days, seven chakras.

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The Number 8 represents the transformation of the material. It also symbolizes the union and balance between the divine and the human. The fate that we can not control and we must learn to accept.

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The Number 9 symbolizes creativity, talents and abilities of the human being as part of their karma. The possibility of fulfillment and reward obtained by past lives. Corresponds to very altruistic people even for lost causes. 

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