Who is Shauri?

Hello! Welcome to my web. If you've got here is that you are interested in Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and everything related to esoteric sciences. Me too!

I'm Tarotist, Naturopath, Therapist and Reiki Master, Bach Flowers and Metamorphic Technique .

Since my childhood I had experiences with the supernatural, but I did not understand what was happening and I did not know anyone who could guide me to channel my energy. When I started my career as a Reiki practitioner I could make sense of my own life. I continued my training looking for less invasive natural therapies and the more effective for the treatment of people in all aspects of health, both physically and mentally, and emotionally.

Currently I apply these techniques as a therapist in the field of private practice and conducted training courses for other people to benefit them from the experience I have gained.

The Tarot is one of my great passions and I developed a method of reading to guide people toward their development and spiritual evolution.

I am the author of this website and the tarotist that takes all the online tarot readings.

I also collaborate in the website and I am teacher in

I hope you like my website that is constantly evolving as his author and I hope visit it often. You can contact me via the form you'll find on the web, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to keep abreast of the latest news and if you request me for a tarot reading it will surprise you how beneficial it may be the Tarot for you. I have also created a Community of Tarot in Google+ where we can find and comment on Tarot.


Warm regards and good luck!





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