Major Arcana


Basic concepts

The Major Arcana are the first 22 Tarot cards corresponding to archetypal symbols of the man and his life. They have a double meaning, divinatory and another evolutionary because they show human beings in their spiritual evolution.

Some tarotists only employ Major Arcana in their readings because they believe that the information that this cards provide to them is enough to give guidance to the consultant.

In certain general spreads is also common to use only the Major Arcana.

Some general aspects that can help us in the interpretation of the Major Arcana are detailed below.


Which are the Major Arcana?

Below They are listed the Major arcana, if you want more information about your interpretation click on the name of the Arcanum to go to the corresponding article. 

The numbering of the Major Arcana also work if you want to find the interpretation of Your Personal CardYour Card of the Soul and Your Spiritual Card of the Year.

Major Arcanum 0 - The Fool (It corresponds to 22 in Your Personal Card and in Your Spiritual Card of the Year)

Major Arcanum I - The Magician

Major Arcanum II - The High Priestess

Major Arcanum III - The Empress

Major Arcanum IV - The Emperor

Major Arcanum V - The Hierophant

Major Arcanum VI - The Lovers

Major Arcanum VII - The Chariot

Major Arcanum VIII - Strenght

Major Arcanum IX - The Hermit

Major Arcanum X - Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcanum XI - Justice

Major Arcanum XII - The Hanged Man

Major Arcanum XIII - Death

Major Arcanum XIV - Temperance

Major Arcanum XV - The Devil

Major Arcanum XVI - The Tower

Major Arcanum XVII - The Star

Major Arcanum XVIII - The Moon

Major Arcanum XIX - The Sun

Major Arcanum XX - Judgement

Major Arcanum XXI - The World


Active, Passive and neutral Cards

Each one of the Major Arcana can be identified with one of these qualities.

  • Active cards: the Major Arcana with this quality show symbols corresponding to actions and very active characters. They are cards that require action by the consultant or tell us that there is some activity on the circumstances about the tarot consultation.

The Chariot is an active card


  • Pasive cards: relate to situations in which a performance is required. Transition periods, introspection, maturation of new ideas are concepts that arise in the interpretation of this type of cards. 

The Hermit is a passive card


  • Neutral cards: cards with this quality show us that the consultant should act or not to act, based on the remaining cards in the spread.


The Star is a neutral card


The colors and their meanings in the Tarot

The colors we see in each card also carry a symbolism and some sensations . If a card has a black background, like The Tower in the Rider Waite Tarot, produces a negative feeling that if the background is blue like in Judgement , or yellow and green as The Empress. The characters wear clothes, shoes, tools, etc. that they also attract us or dislike for their color.

The first sensation we receive about the card is, consciously or unconsciously, through the colors we perceive.


The main color of the card transmits sensations and helps us to his interpretation


  • Black: is the lack of color and this conveys the idea of emptiness, loneliness and isolation. 

  • White: is the of all colors and through this color we perceive sensations of peace and purity. Maybe this color can also transmit us coldly. 

  • Yellow: light color, intelligence, action and both material and spiritual wealth. 

  • Green: a color that symbolizes all forms of nature and therefore life itself, growth and fertility. 

  • Red: color highly active, heat, passion. Moreover also conveys agressiveness. 

  • Blue: the color of the sky, is a divine color, conveys calm, kindness and good feelings in general. 

  • Purple: the color of spirituality par excellence. Deep wisdom and inner kwonledge. 






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