Minor Arcana




They are known as the 56 Minor Arcana cards and they form the second part of the Tarot.

They can be divided into four series or suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

Each suit consists of 14 cards which start with the As, continuing from 2 to 10 and end with the so-called court cards or figures of the court : Knave, Knight, Queen and King.

Just as the Major Arcana gave us a general archetypal guidance of the facts, the Minor Arcana contain the details of the events , attitudes and circumstances of the man and his life.

They are used in tarot when the consultation requires a response with details. They are necessary but not indispensable, for spreads in the question of future events that requests the consultant to know to make changes in his present.

A general explanation of each suit is at the beginning of each series : Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

The interpretation of each card from Ace to 10 can be expanded with its numerological significance in the section Numerology .

Cups and Pentacles are more receptive or passive and Wands and Swords are most active. Pentacles tend to activity and Swords tend to receptivity.



Court cards


  • Knave: this figure always point us towards opportunities that come from abroad. We must be vigilant to ensure that this is a good and a real opportunity. And also we have to monitor for not miss th opportunities that come into our lives. 

Knave of Pentacles brings opportunites


  • Knight: when a card of this type appears in a spread often represents the environment and circumstances around the events subject of the consultation. 

The Knight of Swords represents a cold and hostile environment


  • Queen: the description of this card usually refers to the personality of the client or an important person in the environment or the circumstances surrounding the consultant. Does not have to be a woman but usually it refers to the more feminine side of the people.

The Queen of Cups is romantic and sensitive


  • King: usually refers to the character and personality of the client or any person who influences in the facts of the consultation. It can be a man or the male part of the person they represent.

The King of Wands is honest and responsible



The colors and their meaning


As in the Major Arcana, the colors that appear in each card give us feelings and sensations that help us to the interpretations. 


In the Minor Arcana also found very significant colors


You can see the colors and their meanings in the general section on the Major Arcana.








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