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Currently they are hundreds of different Tarot decks. The vast majority are in line with symbols created in the Tarot of Marseille and in other cases the line of the Rider Waite Tarot deck, especially in the Minor Arcana which are one of the basic differences between the two decks.


Fey Tarot are in line with Rider Waite Tarot


The Tarot of Marseilles is the oldest known at present. The characteristics and peculiarities of the Tarot of Marseilles and the Rider Waite Tarot are defined elsewhere in this section.


However it is very interesting to enjoy the creativity of artists who are creating new decks with very modern symbols (such as the Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem) and also decks not so new anymore but decks that has become so much popular as his peculiar author (the Dalí Tarot).


In a few years they appear news and amazing decks like the housewives tarot, cats tarot, rainbow tarot, reiki tarot... Besides other already well-known as The Tarot of the New Vision, the Egyptian Tarot, Tarot of the Angels ... Really just take a look on google to find so many cards and you began to have difficulty in choosing one, all are so beautiful, so colorful ...



Choosing a Tarot deck?


If you like the Tarot, you will need a deck to practice. Some people believe that the Tarot of Marseille is the only true, perhaps it is the oldest known but many people do not connect with it. The symbolism and archetypes also evolve and today it does not tell us the same an Emperor than a Unicorn.


The Rider Waite Tarot has been the most used by beginners and not so beginners. Many tarotists starts with it and then continue because they are already used to these cards and they don't want to change them. The big advantage is that this deck has a very expressive Minor Arcana, although it may be a disadvantage because it defines a detail of very specific facts and circumstances making difficult to get out of it for the tarotist.


They always say you need to find a deck wich you connect, but when you are trying you find plenty of decks closed in boxes that can not be checked, and so touching .... it's hard to decide. Luckily through the Internet you can find many pictures and this can help us to make a choise. Another possibility is to contact the manufacturer to try to get some pictures of a deck that we can check to confirm it is right for us. 


Fey Tarot reverse


Connect with a deck means looking at your cards and that they talk to you. That can be very difficult for most rational people and can be very easy for more intuitive people. We must try to get carried away by the images that shows each card, by the sensations it conveys, rather than the limited meanings that appear in the booklet that accompanies them.



Can I use different decks of Tarot?

Of course, many tarotist have different tarot decks. In some cases  like a collection as true art objects, but also for everyday use. I use a deck according to different spreads I do. For example, the Rider Waite Tarot is very convenient when you need a great detail of facts. The Tarot of Marseilles can be very helpful in meditation because their ancestral symbolism reaches to our unconscious. I also use the Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem because spreads with this deck are much more intuitive, subtle energy guide us to the spiritual world.


Do I have to do some ritual to use it?

It is said that the deck belongs to the tarotist, but tarotist must perform a ritual to fulfill their duties properly. I have used cards that were from other people and they have worked perfectly. However, every ritual has a mystical part that brings us closer to the spirit and we have'nt to waste it.


Rituals bring us closer to the spirit


There are specific rituals for each deck, some of them more complicated than others. It is important to put our intention asking to the cards to bring us the answers and thank them humbly. Offer them to advanced spiritual beings for they to talk us through them is another way to make a ritual. Finally, the ritual that will serve you is the one that you prefer or that what you invent pervading love in it.


How do I save my deck?


It is nice to have a place where you keep your Tarot deck, preferably with a kerchief or a scarf that you like or a bag that you have or that you can make. In specialty stores you will also find bags of cards but I think it is always better to find or made ​​something more personal.


They are tarotist that keep cards simply in his box and are people who read so well the Tarot! As in the case of ritual, It is nice to keep the things we cherish with affection and detail, but It is not essential for the deck to work.



Tarot of Marseille in his box






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