Tarot of Marseille


This deck is the oldest knowned today and its parameters have been followed by the creators of many other decks. It is not known who is his author but it is believed that this work was developed by several authors at different times.

It is a deck to be found on any well done version because somehow connects us to the origins of the Tarot.


With this deck I do the spreads Evolutionary Tarot ReadingAstrological Tarot Reading, Chakras Tarot Reading and Chakras Tarot Reading + Reiki Distance Healing.


Jodorowsky-Camoin Edition

The Tarot of Marseille that I use and that I present here is wich has been done by Philippe Camoin and Alejandro Jodorowsky


Tarot of Marseille -  Jodorowsky-Camoin Edition


Camoin and Jodorowsky worked together on the investigation of the Tarot of Marseilles to offer one of the most faithful reproductions currently known. It is a pack of pretty colors and well printed.

The artwork style reminiscent of medieval times, is simple but very colorful and call our attention to the gaze of the characters that seem to entice and guide us to some mysterious place known only to themselves. 


Major Arcana

In the Tarot of Marseille are three cards that I want to mention especially in this section to show you some of the most beautiful Tarot of Marseille in this new version, but there are many more differences, you can take a look at the article of the deck of Rider Waite.

  • The Major Arcana VI - The Lovers, which in the Tarot of Marseille includes a third character who can move the interpretations if we use this deck.


The Lovers - Tarot of Marseille / Rider Waite Tarot


  • The Major Arcana XVI - The Tower, which in the version of the Tarot of Marseille Camoin-Jodorowsky is called La Maison Diev (House of God) and whose colorful version is lighter and therefore conveys to us better energy and an interpretation more positive.


La Maison Diev - The Tower


  • The Major Arcana XIX - The Sun, which in the Tarot of Marseille contains 2 characters instead of 1, which also brings different interpretations of the Rider Waite Tarot.

The Sun - The Tarot Of Marseille / Rider Waite Tarot


Minor Arcana

Regarding the Minor Arcana interpretation becomes very difficult for beginners because its symbolism not towards us to a meaning. It is important to understand issues such as numerology and the meaning of colors to have a better interpretation.

Also keep lots of memory to recall the ideas associated with each Minor Arcana and I think it takes away spontaneity. Although certain people is possibly attract to this cards and connect with his energy.


You can extend this information at the section called Rider Waite Tarot.



Other uses

We can use this deck in spreads wich only required the Major Arcana.

Another special use for this deck is its use as an object of meditation because its symbolism penetrates our unconscious and open us to new ways of knowing.


To Meditation with the Major Arcana is very interesting use the Tarot de Marseille.






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