The Major Arcana symbolize the journey of the human being in his path to spiritual evolution. This trip is started by The Fool (Arcanum 0) with his very little luggage takes to adventure into the unknown and although its most primitive instinct warns him to be careful, his spiritual side tells him not to be afraid and to proceed.

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One way to delve into the meanings of the Tarot cards is to choose a letter and doing a meditation with her. In addition, this meditation has beneficial effects on the practitioner. 

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Meditation with the Major Arcana can help us in learning the Tarot and in the development of our personal intuition. As always we want to make meditation of any kind, we'll find a time and a quiet space

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There are several ways to use the Tarot to help us to know a little more of ourselves. We are going to make the necessary calculations to discover which is our personal card

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The calculation of your card of the Soul is another way to use the Tarot to know a little more ourselves. For your letter of Alma first read the article on how to calculate your Personal card.

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The Spiritual Card of the Year talks about the factors that have more influence on us throughout the year for which we calculate. We will perform the necessary calculations to find out which is our Card of the Year. 

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