Meditation with one card


One way to delve into the meanings of the Tarot cards is to choose a letter and doing a meditation with her. In addition, this meditation has beneficial effects on the practitioner. 


What card to choose for meditation?

We can choose the card in different ways. Below are listed the most common:


Minor Arcanum - Ace of Cups - Rider Waite Tarot

How do I prepare this meditation?

We can prepare ourselves for this meditation in a quiet time, in a dimly lit room. We can light a candle or incense because this things always favors these activities. Everyone will sit as you feel better: on the floor with your back against the wall, in the lotus position on a chair. The most important thing is to be comfortable and your back in a straight position



How is this meditation done?

We have to observe our breath for a moment, until we notice that our mind begins to appease and our body is more relaxed. The we can begin to observe the card, letting that all the symbolism emanating from the card impregnate us. 

The symbols acts in our unconscious and the changes happens and sometimes we cannot perceive them. 

The meditation with the card can be done about 5-10 minutes. It is better a short meditation made with quality.


What else can I do?

Over the next few days you can have this card in sight, on your desk or on your nightstand.

If you practice that meditation for a several days you can feel favorable changes in your life. 




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