Meditation with the Major Arcana


Meditation with the Major Arcana can help us in learning the Tarot and in the development of our personal intuition.


Who does it makes?

As always we want to make meditation of any kind, we'll find a time and a quiet spaceA place where we feel comfortable and quiet, no noise or interruptions. 

We will stand sitting in a chair with our back straight and in front of a table or desk where we prepared the Tarot of Marseille


In this meditation the object to which we pay our attention are the Major Arcana that we have prepared by located on a table, preferably a wood table with a dark background.Un lugar en el que nos sintamos cómodos y tranquilos, sin ruidos ni interrupciones.


Tarot of Marseille Jodorowsky-Camoin Edition


We can start meditation watching our breath for a few minutes to relax and we can let go of other everyday thoughts. 

In this case we use all the Major Arcana and we do not focus on any particular. Let's let the cards speak to us, or tell us if we want to observe how they talk to each other. 

The cards look or ignore each other, rejected or go to other cards. Also we can learn about their emotions and their actions or inactions. 


How long does it takes?

It is interesting to perform this meditation every day at the same time for about 15 minutes. 


After the meditation It is good to note the impressions that we had.

Doing this meditation at least for 3 weeks and we can percive that it flows a better communication between us and the cards when we perform a spread. And also we can learn the meaning of the cards of a gradual mode, intuitive yet aware.



Like all spiritual practices, as we doing this meditation we will notice better results. We must not give into discouragement or impatience.

Nor we should obsess and after performing the practice for 3 weeks, it's good to take a break, switch to another Tarot practice or to other spiritual techniques.





Photography: Creative Commons - Author: Enrico Matteucci




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