The Tarot and the spiritual journey


The Major Arcana symbolize the journey of the human being in his path to spiritual evolution. Join me in this journey and you will learn new things about the Tarot and about you....

This trip is started by The Fool (Arcanum 0) with his very little luggage takes to adventure into the unknown and although its most primitive instinct warns him to be careful, his spiritual side tells him not to be afraid and to proceed. This card represents the learning path that every human being must perform to their spiritual evolution in the world of matter. 


The following Arcanum is The Magician (Arcanum I). When we started our spiritual journey we have a set of tools and skills. It's our job to understand what they are and learn to use them. The Magician lives between two worlds and says "So in heaven and on earth." If we look for an improvement on a spiritual level we first have to work with the more mundane tools.
The High Priestess (Arcanum II) is presented as a mysterious woman. She has acquired all the skills required in the spiritual way and she waits patiently for us to discover. We need her wisdom to deal with the vicissitudes that happens on our trip. 


Besides knowledge, tools and skills, man receives the most precious gift in the universe, the gift to create. The creation is represented by The Empress (Arcanum III) that also symbolizes the abundance of nature and femininity at its best. 
All the energies has its opposite: Emerges in our journey The Emperor (Arcanum IV) strong and sure of himself, representing the order and matter. He is the father, the husband, the boss. And the divine figure conceived as a patriarch of humanity we can trust. He can annihilate anything that does not follow the established order. 
All these strengths and gifts are teached to the new being in a new Spiritual School, The Hierophant (Arcanum V) leads his disciples to start them on the path of knowledge following a spiritual way. It is a mediator between God and man and brings us the ideal of reaching a new dimension.
With these acquired knowledge, humans must make the decision to follow a path. This decision is symbolized by The Lovers (Arcanum VI). Did They take the right decision? If they follow the dictates of his heart they will not go wrong.
And this is how we begin to act, The Chariot (Arcanum VII) shows a being with the gift of youth but with the full knowledge of the spirit and matter. Youth makes you think you are invincible.


This youthful brings us the energy to commit some imprudence and get carried away by passions that we must learn to master if we want to continue on our way. Strenght (Arcanum VIII) shows that the human being can tame the beast with no effort.
The Hermit (Arcanum IX) represents a break in this long spiritual journey. After the young pop comes an existential crisis. Who am I? What did I do? Where am I going? Throughout life we ​​need time alone to understand where does our divine soul wants to go. 


We arrived at the middle of the life cycle, Wheel of Fortune (Arcanum X) symbolizes life cycles that change. Today we are up, we are young and active, we are down tomorrow, passive and depressed. But The wheel keeps spinning and the cycle changes again. 
After a change of cycle man returns to seek balance in their lives. Then Justice (Arcanum XI) appears reminding us that each of our actions have consequences appear. 


The Hanged Man (Arcanum XII) shows how humans decide to make a sacrifice for spiritual improvement and change his perspective on life.
This will be a big change, a change to that being opened to a new spiritual life. Death (Arcanum  XIII) tells us that we must leave behind something that we suppose valuable, something that stops our improve. 


Then we reach the equilibrium between the material and the spiritual. Temperance (Arcanum XIV) teaches us to shun extremes and gives us the stability we needed. 
Just when we lead a stable life, the temptation represented by The Devil (Arcanum XV), which makes us slaves of something that deep down we know that we need not appear. The chains are open and we just need the wish to be free from them. 
The Tower (Arcanum XVI) comes as a great burst of energy that produces drastic changes in our lives. Sometimes it's a little discussion, others, major disasters but it is always a great release that leads to a new beginning.
After abrupt changes occurred we can give us a break. The Star (Arcanum XVII) will give us new opportunities, dreams and projects that can be met soon. 
We don't have to let to listen to our intuition, every new things brings us doubts and uncertainties. The Moon (Arcanum XVIII) advises us to be cautious but this hasn't to be a return into insecurity that prevents us from moving forward on our path. 
Finally our dreams are fulfilled and The Sun (Arcanum XIX) enlightens us and gives us heat to obtain the performance in any field. Enjoy the deserved success and continue our way with renewed energy. 


There comes a time to take stock and become aware of our life. Judgment (Arcanum XX) represents the universal call to our true vocation and now we wonder if we did what we had to do, if we finally understand wich is our destiny. 

The World (Arcanum XXI) symbolizes the culmination of the spiritual path. 

The end which precedes a new beginning because if our soul wants it sooner we can start again.







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